Press Release
Contact: D. Heath – Board Dirs, / Exec. Producer
Wheeling Jamboree, Inc.

Friday February 25, 2011

Country Music Executive and Veteran Broadcaster Charlie Cook
joins Wheeling Jamboree board of directors.


Charlie Cook is one of the most respected broadcasters in all of radio, revered in Country format, a field in which he has been active for over 35 years. While his talent on the air has been honored, Country radio programming has been his passion. Cook held down key programming positions in New York, in Los Angeles and at the Westwood One Radio Network, where he was in charge of all of their Country Programming. He recently served as VP/Programming for the 52 Country Stations owned by Cumulus Broadcasting.

Charlie Cook’s other accomplishments include his 25-year service on the Country Radio Broadcasters Board of Directors, also serving one term as its president. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of both The Country Music Association and The Academy of Country Music. Just last year, Country Aircheck Magazine named Charlie the third most influential person (and top radio person) in Country Music Airplay.


Notably to those in Wheeling and in West Virginia, Charlie Cook served as Program Director at “Big Country” 1170 WWVA AM during the era when station owner Emil Mogul changed both the name of the WWVA Jamboree to “Jamboree USA” and his Capitol Theatre to the Capitol Music Hall in 1969. This January he relocated to Morgantown accepting the position of Corporate Director of Programming and Brand Management at the headquarters of West Virginia Radio Corporation.


Wheeling Jamboree executive director Dave Heath says – “Charlie is intimate with the historic nature of the Wheeling Jamboree and its impact for 78 years in the Country Music Entertainment Industry, to radio and the value it has to local tourism. We are honored as he brings his talents to the current configuration of the Jamboree and we are thrilled as can be that he is again so close to Wheeling and our team!”


Charlie Cook can be heard weekly on hundreds of radio stations from coast to coast, hosting the two hour program called “The Road”. The Road is syndicated on the largest independently owned Radio Network in the United States, USRN serving over 4500 rated radio stations. Charlie Cook fills the position vacated by Jamboree director Cindy Hall this month.

Also joining the more informal group of advisers to the Wheeling Jamboree this week, is Nashville based Cathy Gurley where she operates a prestigious Public Relations, Artist Management, Music Business Consulting firm and is one of the founders of original Jamboree in the Hills during her tenure in Wheeling.


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